Neiko, director

Neiko and the great power of small gestures

The Nominee: Neiko Ivanov

The good deed: As a real Samaritan, Neiko has done and will surely continue to do good for people in toruble. My nomination is for all those good things he has done for people, but I have to mention on of them, I would like to tell you the story of the most recent case I witnessed.

It all happened while I was participating in an initiative organized by the Samaritans Association. Then, we were searching the good samaritans on the streets of our city, unaware that most of them are actually among us.We were sitting at a cafe in the city in anticipation of the event associated with the initiative, and in that time, as it often happens a women was begging for money.And also, as most often happens with such people - no one paid attention to her and help her. Nobody but Neiko, of course. At that very moment he told her something what I didn't heard as I was away, and led her to the nearest grocery store. After 2-3 minutes the woman appeared - with a loaf bread in her hand. She seems to feel better and looks inspired by hope.

This is a nice example of the great power of small gestures!

We the nomination from Yavor Slavov