The Good Samaritan statuette

The statuette is created in connection with the establishment of the annual Good Samaritan Award. A competition called "In search of the Good Samaritan" seeks good people helping others. The statuette is an unique work made exclusively to be presented to winners in this competition. Ivan Kostov is the name of the artist who created it. .

The prize reveals the extraordinary nature of a good man. He is represented as an angel whose wings are growing up while helping others... but at the same time he remains a simple man. This scene emphasizes the dual nature of helping man, of good man - motivated by the divine power to overcome his own weaknesses and failings to help someone else who has fallen into a state of helplessness or distress.

In the gallery below we would like to introduce you the different stages which the statuette was passed. Coming soon the final look of the Good Samaritan Award. It will be presented on December 14 this year.