Samaritans Volunteer Service

Volunteering for us at the Samaritans is of utmost importance because of the huge social contribution which donated labour brings.

We accept any volunteer as  free and equal partner, carrier of new values ​​and ideas,spontaneous and creative, curiousand willing to try something new. While donating time and labor, a volunteer brings a different perspective to our work being tolerant, sensitive to public and social issues, initiatory, merciful, patient, enduring, able to hearing others.

At the Samaritans we find various opportunities and advantages of voluntary work as a tool for personal and professional development, gaining of social capital and experience to cope with new challenges, giving competitiveness and adaptability to the rapidly changing requirements of the labor market and high requirements of employers, meeting new friends.

Voluntary work is done in all units and services of the Association in accordance with the specific needs and abilities of the volunteer. Information campaigns, participation in group work with children, educational support, work with database, participation in seminars, round tables, forums, charity and humanitarian activity, language translations, technical and support activities, exchange of experience on local basis and abroad, participation and organizing of special events are all part of the areas which we,the Samaritans,rely on and get support from our volunteers.

Written guidelines for work with volunteers

The guidelines describes the philosophy and the principles of Samaritans volunteer service. It also gives details about the process of becoming a volunteer as well as all the documents required.