A letter to a Hero

To be a hero is about blood

My Dear Hero,

Most likely you do not know me and you do not even guess how much and much you are helping me. I'm only ten years old! Maybe that's why we have not yet met. But I know about you, because my mom frequently speaks about you and tells me how special you are. I do not know what is this that makes you such...

For some strange reason I am often in need of blood transfusion. I am most annoyed when the nurse cannot find my vein and has to prick me several times. Otherwise, the medical center is OK – I watch children’s movies and I am allowed me to talk to various people.

In the days before we leave for the medical center I am always in need of strength. I want to play in front of our block of flats, to run and walk the dog, but I do not know why I get so quickly tired! Even I feel sometimes dizzy. When that happens, I get scared, but I say  nothing.  After  all, I'm a man.

As the day comes, however, everything changes. It is not very pleasant until all this thing  is over, but then I feel like a new child. First, I have such strength that I can play a football game with extra time and even a penalty shootout, without any rest, or run after the girls in front of our block of flats all day long. Second, I begin to have such high dreams that nothing can stop me ......

I understood that this is all thanks to you! I was told that nothing so different from other people. Only that  you spare some 20-30 minutes every six months, but it comes to my mind now this is no big deal. I know, however, that in this way you help many children like me who should also visit the center at least once a month.

So, that’s why I wanted to say thank you! I will be really pleased to run with you after my football.

Frankly, Mom reminded me to write to you. Said to me that 14 June was a good day for it. I do not know why! I myself had forgotten it, but she always tries to make me believe that super heroes live not only in the movies. And to see if this is really true, I am inviting to meet each other ... I'll wait for you!!

Your friend,