Do you still have strengths to keep silence?

The advisory hotline 042/64 11 11 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            042/64 11 11      end_of_the_skype_highlighting is simultaneously opened together with the Crisis Center, called “Samaritan house”. The telephone line is active 24 hours. It can be used by women and children, victims of domestic violence, relatives, neighbors or witnesses.

Professionals are responsible to answer the calls and to give competent advice about a situation, related to domestic violence. Therefore, you will receive information about what we can suggest you in that difficult moment or we can just oriented you to another proper institution or service.

More about the Crisis Center "Samaritans House" you can find here.

10 myths for domestic violence

Първи мит за Домашното насилие Myth 1

Violence is only when there are visible signs of abuse.


You needn't have bruises and broken bones to be a victim of domestic violence. Violence is an abuse of power and control that can be expressed in humiliation, isolation, intimidation, economic dependency, bullying ... They are just as painful as the beatings.

Втори мит за Домашното насилие Myth 2

 If a woman is beaten, she probably deserves it.

No matter what is said or done, the woman must not be beaten or humiliated. The reason of violence is in the personality of the abuser. The victim bears no blame.

Трети мит за Домашното насилие 

Women like to be beaten, otherwise they won't stay with their abuser.

There are a lot of reasons - shame, economic dependence, insecurity and even love with the abuser, which can be barriers for the woman to leave her home or just to seek help.

Четвърти мит за Домашното насилие 

Alcohol abuse causes violence.


is no excuse. It reduces the control of aggressive impulses, but is not the cause of violence. One third of the batterers do not drink and one third of them have problems with alcohol, but beat their partners when they are sober.


Пети мит за Домашното насилие 

Men who use violence are psychopaths.

Many abusers lead apparently completely "normal" life and outside the family circle there is an impression of respectable personalities. The family is often the only field, in which they deploy their aggressive impulses.
Шести мит за Домашното насилие 

Violence occurs only among the poor and low educated families.

Domestic violence occurs in all social groups, regardless of material status or level of education - often occurs in families, doctors, policemen, businessmen.

Седми мит за Домашното насилие 

Household secrets should not be shared.

The violence
will not stop by itself. The first step towards its termination is to overcome the fear, isolation and silence.

Осми мит за Домашното насилиеMyth

Nobody should interfere in the personal family problems.

The domestic violence is a crime. The victim is entitled to protection. If you are passive, you become complicit.

Девети мит за Домашното насилие 

A very small percentage of women are victims of violence.

It is difficult to determine the number of women, victims of violence, because many of them do not seek help. According to various organzaions working in this area, every fifth woman living with her partner is abused.

Десети мит за Домашното насилие 

You can not change your fate.

after many years you can end the violence. It is never too late to say "Enough!" and to seek help.