Club "Phoenix"

The idea of the project was developed by a team of Samaritans Association, working in support of women victims of violence. The team has a lot of experience with vulnerable customers, which is based on working in the Crisis Center "Samaritans House". This project offers a new opportunity for capacity building and social skills developement of children and women - victims of violence.

Domestic violence can take many forms - physical, emotional, sexual and economic. Some of them can not be seen and felt by anyone else. Violence usually increases in frequency and severity over time.

Permanent physical and mental abuse is dangerous for the emotional health of children and women. Their sense of self-esteem, confidence and dignity is repressed and they live in uncertainty and fear. Usually, victims of violence are losing support and sense of reality. At this critical moment, they need someone to understand their needs, to support them, to empathy their pain and to propose specific alternatives to deal with the problem. Domestic violence can affect anyone of us. Let's unite against the violence!

For five years the Samaritans Association has provided services in support of children and women, victims of domestic violence through Reception, Specialized advisory hotline and Crisis center "Samaritan house". So that, those who are seeking for support and understanding have the opportunity to receive competent information.

The Samaritans team supported the creation and developement of Club "Phoenix", provoked by the practical experience, the need of minimizing the negative attitudes towards victims of violence and the possibility to extend the multiplier effect of activities with them in Stara Zagora.

The main purpose of the project is to support the successful integration of women, experienced domestic violence by facilitating their access to public services, offered by various institutions and organizations in the municipality of Stara Zagora.

In short term, is expected, that the customers using this social services, will develop social competencies and empowerment to cope in a crisis family situations. In long run, is expected, that the customers will improve their prospects for personal development, integration and professional development. The shame, economic dependence and insecurity are the main factors for children, victims of violence, to not searching for help and support from their relatives.