Buy a bee hive – support a child!

The Campaign called “Buy a bee hive, support a child!” is innovative approach for fund raising in terms to support the development of social services provided by the Samaritans organization. During the first year of the existence of Samaritans’ bee farm, it has been concluded that if a bee hive has been bought and given to the organization in the beginning of the season, then at the end of the season, if the year has been good the expenses from the investment would have been repaid. In this way the next 15 years the hive would have real profits.

Everyone could become a donor by buying fully equipped bee hive for 200 leva. Although such a donation is one-time payment, it would continue to multiply and the profits would be used for supporting the social services development. Thanks to the initiative “Buy a bee hive, support a child”, the social enterprise has existed successfully already six years. It is becoming more and more stable and competitive and contributes to the development of social enterprises in the country. The campaign has been presented to international delegates and donors at an international conference for social enterprises in the Michigan University.

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