Before the beginning

It is difficult to imagine that a young person could be seriously interested in the problems of the children that all of us meet on the streets every day. The general opinion is that this is not a responsibility of the ordinary people (least of all of the young), but a responsibility of the state. So, when a group of young people from Stara Zagora tried to help the street children in the town, to many people this seemed as a not very logical (not to say suspicious) thing to do.

In April 1998 this informal group of young people started to look for those children who lived on the streets. Every day two volunteers from this group went to the places where these children spent much of their day. They tried to win their trust and friendship, which was not an easy thing to do. The conversations were mainly about things that were of importance to these children - why they are in the street, who are their friends, who helps them, why they don't want to go back home, what they eat, where they sleep? The volunteers improvised games and lessons, sought the assistance of the police or hospitals. They were able to provide coupons, with which the children got a snack and some bread from a small shop in the town. Clean clothes were brought to these children and were gratefully accepted. That is how everything started.