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Начало Social and labor market
Socio-employment market

Socio-employment market (SEM).

It is envisaged to create a socio-employment market, serving young people, leaving the three Homes for Children Deprived of Parental Care in Stara Zagora Municipality, offering services, directed towards the improvement of their professional orientation and fulfillment, and constituting a concrete socio-economic mechanism for increasing their employment.
The focus is on encouraging and supporting these children in acquiring knowledge and specific business skills and orientation towards market thinking among the numerous young people, leaving the three HCDPC in the territory of Stara Zagora Municipality.


It is formated a Reception Unit.
The Reception of the socio-employment market is equipped for meetings and consultations with: a flipchart, a computer; chairs; desks, sofa, information and visual materials.

The team includes three specialists – 2 social workers and one psychologist.

The major tasks of the team are:
- Maintenance of an updated database – containing both information about the number of the young unemployed, their gender, age, education, qualification and data on the existing employers, offering various opportunities for employment of the target group.
- Interaction with the Bureau of Labor in Stara Zagora – the team maintain relations with the expert responsible for the professional realization of the children who are leaving the institutions. Besides, the three specialists maintain intensive contacts with the mentors of the 18 children who will leave the three HCDPC.
- Familiarisation of the children with the main employment spheres in the territory of the Municipality – it was conduct three information meetings with representatives of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, town of Stara Zagora, on which about 45 children over 16 years of age, leaving the institutions, were receive detailed information of the economics of Stara Zagora Region and the active business activity of over 11 000 companies. The children were divided into 3 groups of 15 each.
- Organisation of intensive visits of companies and meetings with socially oriented employers – the aim of the conduction of these meetings is to collect knowledge of each other, to present the specifics of the work process and to clarify the mutual expectations. An essential element of the labour mediation is the motivation of both sides – both of the employers and the unemployed young people, leaving one of the three HCDPC in Stara Zagora Municipality. In the course of the planned meetings we are looking for the professional partnership of the specialists working in the Bureaus of Labor.
- Provision of individual and group counseling – young people are supported through informing and consulting them in their choice of profession (specialty), qualification degree and retraining as well as in the ways of obtaining these.

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BG 2005/017-353.01.02 Deinstitutionalization through provision of community based services for risk groups,

Project BG 2005/017-353.01.02-1.04 Establishment of a center for social, medical and educational support for the children at risk,

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